Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ten Tips for Creating a Fabulous Wedding

1. It’s all in the Details.
From hand-beaded double linens, imported napkins and hand-made cake toppers, make every detail count. Unique and customized details serve for a memorable, fabulous wedding day.
2. Draping & Lighting.
By splurging on draping and lighting you can transform any room into a soft, exquisite wonderland. Combine white fabric with LED’s, hanging trusses and pinspotting on every table to create a truly magical ambience.
3. Create a Lounge Area.
Create a chic area for guests to sit-back and relax. Rent modern couches, loveseats and tables that are functional yet trendy.
4. Bling it.
Besides your ring, there are other items you can make sparkle. Add more bling to your dress in the form of crystal rosettes, choose a veil with crystal edging or add sparkle to your bouquets and centerpieces.
5. Give Thanks.
To truly show your appreciation to your wedding party, treat the entire group to a day at the spa before the wedding. They will be grateful for the pampering and relaxation before you throw them into the spotlight.
6. Arrive in Style.
If your wedding theme is modern/contemporary, skip the limousine and look into renting an exotic sports car. Arrive to your reception in a Lamborghini, Ferrari or GT-40. Your guests (well, the guys at least) will be drooling.
7. Have a Party Before the Party.
If having a moment with just your close friends and family is important to you, arrange for a quick, private cocktail party before your reception.
8. Surprise your Guests.
Provide your guests with unexpected entertainment. Hire belly dancers, Latin dancers or even a classy comedian to give a quick roast at the reception.
9. Have a Miniature Pastry Bar.
In addition to your wedding cake, wow your guests with different pastries or live action dessert stations.
10. Put the Bar on Ice.
Thinking of having an ice sculpture at the wedding? Expand on that thought and consider having an ice bar. Yes, it’s entire bar made of ice and with the proper lighting, it can be gorgeous.

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