Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Lesson in Retro Glam

When discussing vintage style, most picture "Vintage Glam" - a style heavy with glamorous Rococo and Victorian influences (i.e., damask prints, lace, intricate curves, ruffles, ornate furniture and elaborate chandeliers). But let’s not forget the bold sister of Vintage Glam: Art Deco.

I know, I know – before you poo-poo Art Deco as nothing but tacky, pastel Cubism (yes, we all remember the awful 80’s revival) or cliché prom décor, hear me out! You’ll be amazed how these mainstream Art Deco elements can create a striking and ultra-crisp wedding.

If you’re a modern bride desiring a wedding with fewer frills, this period may be your answer. Art Deco emphasizes geometric shapes, patterns, powerful lines and symmetrical arrangements. For design cues, think The Great Gatsby and the Chrysler Building in NYC. To avoid looking gaudy, stay away from Broadway themes and flapper-girl extremes; stick with sleek accents (like chrome and metal tones) and statement onyx jewelry.

If you haven’t seen this style yet, be the first to jump on the trend for 2011. Your male guests will love the nod to stunning architecture and industrialism; your female guests will forever think of you as their coolest “city-chic” pal.

Art Deco Styleboard

Art Deco Styleboard by meredunn

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