Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why we toss wedding garters...

Ever wonder where the wedding garter tradition came from??  
The garter tradition originated in France during the 14th Century.  In Europe, many people believed that receiving a piece of the bride’s clothing meant that they would have good luck.   Because of this, people would often tear off pieces of a bride's wedding dress.  To avoid this, brides began throwing their garters to the guests but it still wasn't enough; guests then started rushing brides at the altar!  Eventually, that tradition also changed; grooms began stepping in and performing the same tradition we have today.  He would remove the garter (protecting his bride) and then toss it to the guests.  Whomever catches the garter is still thought to receive good luck.  And lucky for today's brides, your dresses will stay in tact!!

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