Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wedding Question Wednesday ~ Inviting Guests who can not attend...

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This Week's Question:  "Speaking with one of my friends last night that I had intended to invite to our wedding, I found out she was going to be in a wedding in VT the same day as ours. So she won't be able to make it. What is the proper protocol here? Do I still invite her even though I know she won't come?"

Answer:  For guests that you know can not attend your wedding, you do not have to send them invitations if they have told you they can not attend. Sending an invite anyway can imply that the guest still has to send you a gift so just a verbal "we wish you could make it, we would have loved to have you there" is completely acceptable.

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  1. Or if you send wedding announcements that would suffice also, you do not have to send anything but a best wishes to someone who sends you an announcement.