Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Should I Bring The Host A Gift?

This week we have decided to switch up blog post on our usual ~Wedding Question Wednesday~ and answer a question that we are always asked, no matter what the occasion.  In honor of the holiday season which is filled with parties, dinners, and other festivities, there seems to be the burning question.

This Week's Question: Should I bring the host or hostess a gift?

Answer: It is always a lovely gesture to bring a small gift to someone who is hosting a dinner or small party. It does not have to be anything extravagant or expensive. Bringing a bottle of wine, flowers (preferably in a vase), or a speciality food item can go a long way. If you are close friends or family who dine together often, gifts are not required.

However, there are some things to remember when bringing a gift. When bringing wine, do not assume that it will be served that evening. The wine may have already been specifically chosen to go with the meal. Generally speaking, you should not bring cooked foods because your host may feel obligated to serve it, and it may upset her menu. Instead, bringing jams or jellies, specialty oils, or chocolates is more appropriate.

At a casual dinner party, small gifts like the ones listed above are appropriate. If you are invited to a large, formal dinner, hostess gifts are not expected, unless of course there is a guest of honor. On birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or showers, you should bring a gift for the honoree. If you are the guest of honor, you should bring a small gift for the hosts of the party, and later on send a thank-you note. It is customary to bring a gift for a housewarming. It does not need to be expensive, however it should be lasting for the house. Guest towels, cheese knives, or even personalizing a small gift basket with restaurant menus from the area are all great ideas.

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