Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Question Wednesday~ How do I address my wedding invitations?

How do I address my wedding invitations?

After checking and re-checking your guest list, it's finally finalized! What a relief... right? Now it is time to send the invites off to your calligrapher and get them in the mail. There is proper, formal etiquette in addressing your envelopes to your guests, and we're here to give you a hassle-free guide on how to do it. Here is a list of categories to help you determine what is acceptable when sending invitations:
Married Couple
When sending an invitation to a married couple, its proper to use "Mr. and Mrs." You must spell out the husband's first name. For example the card would read, "Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ruppert"

Hyphenated Last Name
If your guest is a wife who has chosen to keep her maiden name, then she should be addressed using "Ms." (if you prefer "Mrs." you can choose that option as well). Start with the husbands name, then use "Ms. or Mrs." (your preference) + her first name + maiden name + married name. For example: "Mr. Jim Smith and Ms. Ashley Greene-Smith."

Single Female
In this situation, age is a determining factor in the way the envelope is addressed. If she is over the age of 16, it is proper to use "Ms"., but if she is younger than 16 "Miss" is the acceptable option. 

Same Sex Couple
In this case, you have much more freedom of how to address the card. There is no proper order of the guests, it is your discretion. If you can't chose, then address the guests in alphabetical order. For example: "Mr. Nathan Brown and Mr. Nicholas Crosby."

Generally, a widow keeps her husband's name unless she remarries, but there are cases in which the widow prefers to use her own name. In order to be certain, it is best to ask her personal preference. You could address the card as either "Mrs. John Dunlop or Mrs. Ashley Dunlop."

Married Couple, Both Doctors
Some occupations require a proper introduction to their name, just make sure to be aware of that. In this case of married doctors where the wife took her husbands name, it is the most proper to use "The Doctors Smith". If you don't feel comfortable doing so, another option is "Drs. Ashley and Jim Smith."

Married Couple, One spouse is a doctor
The partner who is the doctor in the couple has a professional title that "outranks" other social titles. With that being said, if the wife is the doctor then address the envelope by writing  "Dr. Ashley Smith and Mr. Jim Smith". If the husband is the doctor, then his name should be presented first, "Dr. Jim Smith and Mrs. Ashley Smith."

Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 Trend Alert: Marquee Letters

We're always searching for the newest trends, and when we find something GREAT we love to share it with you! This new idea can certainly be used at your reception, but we think it works great at your rehearsal dinner! As wedding planners, we notice that couples always plan out every detail to make their reception flawless that some forget about decor for their rehearsal dinner. Well no fear, we're here to tell (and show) you about the newest trend of Marquee lettering.

Marquee letters are a special and personalized accent that literally lights up the room. Why we love them so much is that they are customized to each couple! Of course you could do a more generic "Mr. & Mrs.", but we've found a variety of options that will appeal to everyone!
MR & MRS 6x Marquee Letter Lights with warm white LEDs and choice of power supply, 20cm (8inch) high

You could use any word as well... and since you're celebrating your wedding... why not use a little love? 

Love - Marquee Letter LightsFun typography signs add a bit of glitz to a wedding reception.

Using "Mr. & Mrs." and "LOVE" help emphasize the celebration of marriage, but by using your initials, they could serve as a dual purpose to decorate your house as well. 
16 Big Vintage Style Marquee Letters by JunkArtGypsyz on Etsy, $69.90

Marquee letters bring a Old Hollywood theme with collaboration of a contemporary design. These letters come in any font or size of your preference. They could serve as a focal point, or act as a 
highlighting accent in any room!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Question Wednesday: Escort cards vs. Place Cards: How can they be coded for guest meal selections?

Question: What is the difference between a place card and an escort card?

Its a common misconception that those two cards can be interchanged, but in reality both serve a different purpose. An escort card's purpose is to inform the guest of which table they are sitting at. Escort cards are at the entrance of the venue where a guest can take their specific tag with them to their table.

The use of the place card takes it one step further. The place card will be at the place setting for the guest upon their arrival; it informs them what chair they are assigned to. By assigning guests to chairs, waiters can more easily distinguish which guest selected what entrée based on a list given to the venue prior to the event.

In recent years, it has become a more common trend to only use escort cards and allow the guests to choose what seat they prefer. What is great about escort cards is your guest can sit next to whomever they like. You can also code the escort cards so the waiter knows what entrée your guest have chosen by coding the back of the them with colored dots. For example, blue could be for steak, and red could be for fish.

This simple solution reduces confusion and makes a more comfortable environment. It doesn't mean that the waiter isn't going to double check, especially for allergy purposes, and ask your guest what they are having for dinner, but it helps the fluidity of the service. It gets you through your meal quicker so you can hit the dance floor sooner!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Popular wedding flowers for Spring 2014!

Hellooo Spring!

As the snow begins to melt, and trees begin to blossom, we move into a new season for weddings, Spring brings a change of colors and flowers!  We've complied a list of elegant, yet modern flowers that create stunning bouquets and centerpieces. We've captured a variety of flowers for all of our Spring bride's, so find the one that's perfect for YOU!

Thistle is a fun and modern flower that comes in a lot of varieties. It can be used for a textural aspect, but can also give off the natural, wildflower feel in any wedding. This flower is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Japanese Mums can be considered a more "traditional" flower for Spring weddings, but what is great about them is their availability in bright colors. These mums are a full bodied flower, without being too fluffy.
Like Japanese Mums, Celosia comes in radiant colors that serve as a perfect accent to each arrangement. Alone with these bright hues, Celosia has a soft and velvety feel that textually acts more as a feather than a flower.

This flower could possibly be the most popular of the year. Why? Because it comes in this years radiant orchid, the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year. South American Vining Jasmine flower brings an exotic feel to your wedding, and on top of that it's extremely fragrant. Use this flower to feel like you're in paradise on your special day.

Want to change it up a bit? Try Green Trichelium it's the perfect choice for you! Include this in your arrangements to break up all the flowers and give it some texture. This deep emerald green is perfect for any season, but its a hot commodity this Spring!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Real Wedding: Jean & Bill at Squantum Association

For our last wedding of 2013, we had the pleasure of working with Jean and Bill Dolan on their amazing ceremony and reception at Squantum Association on November 30th. Upon meeting the couple, it was clear to everyone around them how in love they were! Their love radiates and can light up any room; we knew it was going to be a beautiful union.

It was a gorgeous, crisp, fall day outside and the ceremony was held facing the water during the sunset. 

Jean is a musician, so it was essential that their music played an important role throughout the day. The ceremony processional was timed perfectly to a song played by the New England String Quartet; it was a great personal touch.  

The ceremony had many other personal touches such as a Musical Mediation and a unity candle ceremony. Jean and Bill also brought tears to the eyes of their guests when they said a Reflection towards one another, that were so beautifully written and very well said. 

As the evening progressed, guests walked over to the Bakehouse; an incredible room on its own but with the help of the gorgeous flowers provided by Stoneblossom, the amazing cake by Confectionary Designs, and decor that they chose, it was a truly elegant event.

 During the reception, music was provided by the band Total Groove, which was a total hit. Guests danced all night and had a wonderful time.

The evening was a beautiful reflection of their love for each other and we are so glad we could be apart of it!

All pictures thanks to Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC. 

Jean & Bill's Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Coordinator: Infinite Events
Venue: Squantum Association 
Ceremony & Cocktail Music: New England String Quartet
Florist: Stoneblossom
Baker: Confectionery Designs
Tuxedos: Anthony's House of Formals
Hair & Make-up: Salon KG
Bridal Accessories/Hair Piece: Perception Jewelry

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

~Wedding Question Wednesday~ Unique Ways to "Pop the Question"!

Question: What are some unique and creative ways to propose?

Answer: During the winter months, it's cold, it's dreary, and most people are sitting and dreaming of warmer weather and fun times to come. But for us "wedding people", we like to think the opposite! This is the time of year we like to call "Engagement Season", because statistics show that many people pop the big question during these months. Want to make yours unique? It is important to remember that this moment is about your partner, and you two as a couple. After all, it's the little things that count, so be sure to pay attention to the details to make this moment extra special! Here are some fun and unique ideas we love:

Scavenger hunts that involve your favorite places, hobbies, friends and family! 

In her (or your!) favorite book, and when she opens it there is a hallowed out heart with the ring inside! (Can be purchased on Etsy!)

Pour her a cup of Joe with a little surprise on the mug!

You can even incorporate your favorite four-legged friend!

Photobooth surprises are an easy way to make it in intimate moment, but still have pictures to keep forever.

**For answers/advice regarding your own wedding, please email us at:  We are happy to keep your questions anonymous if you prefer.  Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!**

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

~Wedding Question Wednesday~ Best Indoor Photo Locations in the RI/Boston Area?

This Week's Question: What are some indoor engagement photo locations in the Rhode Island/Boston area?

Answer: There are many beautiful locations throughout Rhode Island or in the Boston area that are suitable for engagement photos. Whether you are looking for casual photos at a local spot, or a more formal location there are plenty to choose from. Although, be mindful that most locations require permission for photography and some charge a fee. Some of our favorites are: The Providence Public Library (1 hour for a fee of $150), the Rhode Island State House (3 hours for a fee of $200), and the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum (fee TBD).  Engagement photos do not always need to be formal, why not take them in your favorite restaurant or place to visit? Just be sure to check with the management to make sure its okay.

Providence Public Library 
Photo Credit: Allegro Photography

**For answers/advice regarding your own wedding, please email us at:  We are happy to keep your questions anonymous if you prefer.  Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!**